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About Storia



People like stories with engaging characters who occupy interesting environments. We call that whole captivating mix a storyworld. And we create them for realisation across all media, drawing on our expertise in TV and film, comics and publishing, advertising and marketing, traditionally and digital.

As well as participating in the opportunities presented by our existing storyworlds, we can create bespoke ones for your own needs and audiences. We’ll work closely with you from raw concepts to a detailed project bible. If you want, we’ll be available to assist you after that, too.



The Team


Adrian Reynolds

Creative Director

Adrian started his career as an advertising copywriter, and was headhunted by leading London agency Macmillan Davies. Clients included Coca Cola, Motorola, and Unisys. His first film treatment secured him a meeting with Working Title’s Tim Bevan. Scriptwriting on the award-winning BBC show Doctors followed. Other projects include the award-winning short film White Lily, and feature screenplays that have attracted attention. Adrian also writes comics – he was an editor on Dawn of the Unread, an online anthology which won the 2015 Guardian Award for Educational Excellence; and ghost scripted Super Sikh, a series which received international attention.

Andrew Tudor

Art Director, Character Development

Andy has worked for leading ad agencies as an illustrator and designer for brands such as Rank Hovis, Cadbury, Morrisons and OXO. He has also illustrated 11 books for publishers Usborne and Harper Collins. In the digital world Andy has worked on concept and character development for apps including the forthcoming Dragon Run Saga, and educational project Jericho Orbit. In 2014, his work was selected to be part of an exhibition in London by the Association of Illustrators.







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